Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Learning Wednesday: Waiting

If you know me, you know that I am not married, but very much want to be. I struggle with this issue from time to time, and right now is one of those times. It is the greatest desire of my heart to be a wife and a mom. I get impatient and frustrated with this area of my life.

For the most part, waiting stinks. I don't know anyone who really likes to wait. We live in a time where almost everything is available immediately so we really don't need to wait on anything. At all. In my wait in this area, I get frustrated, lonely, and sad. But the Lord is a great help in the process. He has our days in His hands and helps us keep our focus on Him as He shapes us into people who will honor and glorify Him with our lives.

You see, the Lord has my days laid out. There is a purpose for my wait. I may not know what it is right now, but later on when I look back on this time in my life, I will (hopefully) have a better understanding of the reasons for this season in my life. I forget this fact a lot of times because of my own impatience and selfish desires. Unfortunately, I will probably forget it again. (NOTE: It is not that my desire to be married is is the fact that I want to be married right now.)

I am excited, though, to see how God brings this man into my has got to be one crazy story! Above all, I pray that He is glorified through the story of my life. For today, though, I will do my best to 'be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.' (Psalm 37:7a)

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