Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick and Easy Curtain Update

A few weeks ago, I bought some new curtains for my bedroom. They were the style and color I was looking for, but there was one thing wrong with them--they had copper grommets at the top. This would not be an issue if my furniture didn't have all silver knobs. So instead of leaving them on the shelf at Kohl's, I bought them anyway with a plan.

Here is the before picture of the curtains with the copper grommets:

I got some Folk Art metallic paint (sterling silver) at Walmart and painted the grommets to match the rest of the hardware in my room! It only took a few minutes and was pretty simple to do. It does require a pretty steady hand so you don't get silver paint all over the fabric. I didn't tape off the grommets, but you could definitely do that if you are worried about getting paint everywhere. My new and improved curtains are definitely not perfect and there is a tiny rim of copper all around the grommet, but I figure that people aren't going to be inspecting my bedroom curtains very closely. And if they would like to, I will just pretend that the copper rim is supposed to be there!

Here are my curtains after two coats of paint:

You can barely see the copper rim around it!

I think I like the silver grommets better than the copper ones! What do you think?

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