Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Question Mark Cookies

I'm back! Sorry for the week-long hiatus. It has been a little crazy around here...sickness, busyness, etc. Here is one thing I've been working on!

I am preparing to make some cookies for an upcoming wedding, so I immediately went to Bake at 350 and got some recipe ideas! I love Bridget's blog and all of the fun and creative cookies she makes!

This past weekend I made a test batch. I tested out her Lemon Cut-Out cookie recipe along with her Vanilla Almond Cut-Out recipe. She also has some great tips for cookie beginners on making royal icing and cookies for decorating.

I didn't want my test batch to go to waste, so I used the dough to make cookies for a mystery themed luncheon at church. I cut them out in the shape of an Easter egg, turned them upside down, and then drew a question mark on each of them with the icing. Half of the cookies were iced in red and the other half in black.

Looking back, I wish I would have covered the entire cookie in white first and then drew the question mark on top. But I was very impressed with the taste of the cookies! The coloring of the icing, on the other hand, still needs some work. I got a different brand of food coloring to test out, so hopefully things will improve for the next batch! Do you have any suggestions for me on coloring royal icing? I need the icing to be red and navy blue.


  1. Have you tried using that food coloring that is thick and kind of gel-like? I think they sell it as Michaels. It makes the colors really bright and bold.

  2. Hi, What kind of icing and piping tip did you use for your cookies? How did you get such a defined shape of the question mark? I am doing a mystery themed party and I would love to do this exact thing!