Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scripture Memory Booklet

My accountability partner, Shanna, and I meet each week to share with each other the ways that God is working in our lives and what He is teaching us. We discuss various topics each week, including goals we each have. One of our shared goals is Scripture memory, but we are not the best at getting verses memorized each week. One night, I had an idea and decided to make each of us Scripture memory booklets.

I bought one of those spiral bound index card booklets at Walmart and pasted some scrapbook paper on the front in our favorite colors. That was it! It literally took me only a few minutes to make each one and they only cost $1.25 each (the cost of the booklet).

Here is the final product!

Shanna loved her booklet and I love mine as well! I carry mine around in my purse so that I can just get it out and look over it. And, bonus, all of my memory verses will be in one place so I can easily review them.

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