Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Learning Wednesday: Interruptions

This is "What I'm Learning Wednesday", a place for me to write about things that the Lord is teaching me. Please feel free to share what He is teaching you!

Have you ever been interrupted? I’m not simply talking about conversation. You’re going on about your life and something happens that changes everything. Changes the course of your life for a bit. Or maybe forever.

These interruptions can take on lots of different forms. An opportunity to help someone unexpectedly. A project that comes up with a quick deadline. Illness. A sudden death. Interruptions are both good and bad. But I would venture to say that they are all beneficial.

I read a tiny book by Priscilla Shirer called “The Interrupted Life” and it really brought to life some of the things I struggle with. I try to take ownership of my life when it is clearly not mine. I try to do things on my time instead of waiting on the Lord’s plans for me. I try to ‘do better’ before I believe I am fit for service to Him. I try to take shortcuts in my relationship with Him. And I forget that the interruptions are His way of getting my attention, His way of using me to accomplish His purposes, His way of speaking to me and through me.

Sometimes, I forget that interruptions are part of the journey. And you never know what the Lord is going to teach you through them. I am so thankful that He interrupted my life and accepted me as one of His children. I am more than willing to take His interruptions anytime!

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