Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cardboard Crafting: Finally Finished!

Whew! It's been a long week of working on my cardboard project, but it is finally finished!

It went from this:

To this!

I made this dump truck for my cousin who will turn four on Monday. He is one of my favorite kids in the whole world! The truck is almost as tall as him! His birthday party has a construction theme and he got a preview of the truck last night as we were decorating for the party. He loves it!! I made 'rocks' out of wadded up newspaper, but he just calls it trash. That's okay by long as he liked it. The back end also lifts up so he can dump the rocks, or trash, out of it. Anything became trash last night...even my shoes! It was a big hit!


  1. Ashley, you are AMAZING! No doubt he loved it! Love seeing your creations! Keep it up! "Rock" on!

  2. Hi Ashley
    What an amazing job you did- u even go the truck to dump! Do you think you can give a tutorial on some of the important steps ? I would love to try to make one for my son. Thanks so much


  3. Hi Ashley,
    Can you please share how you did this? I know this is a pretty old posting..